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Gentee Programming Language 3.6

Gentee programming language can be classified as a procedure-oriented language
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Gentee is a Zeno computer programming language like BASIC, with about 400 in-built functions. The application has an editor for writing/modifying the codes, an IDE and an Interpreter. The programs written in this language are executed in the application's terminal window, which resembles old DOS based programming languages such as GW Basic, Pascal and Turbo C. Guntee Programming is easy to learn and implement. When you write programs, you can use all basic constructions that you come across in other languages. For example while, if, for, with, for each, switch, include. A demo version of Visual Editor is included in the package which resembles MS Visual Basic and Visual C++ like environment. This visual editor is useful to create windows application and save them. Unlike what it happens in Visual Basic and Visual C++, this environment does not compile a standalone executable application. GE IDE Debugger option allows you to debug your Gentee projects and a GE Viewer allows you to execute your projects created in Gentee.

Prasanna Fadnis
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  • Easy to Learn
  • Free to Use
  • Excellent IDE


  • Only Interpreter (no compiler) to provide standalone executable application
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